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Welcome to Lawns and More…

Lawns and More… Phone John 0800 00 1526 or 0275 766 711 for a free Quate.

John is willing to do just about any Home Handy Man Jobs. Mowing you lawns is just the beginning. Keeping your grass looking its best requires a nice mow.

But I hear you say what is the More… well John is based in West Auckland,
New Zealand. Servicing Ranui, Swanson, Henderson, Massey, Te Atatu
(and Te Atatu Peninsula), Avondale and more…  

Ok that's not what the More… means.

He will clean you windows (inside and out), wash your house (inside and out), clean your gutters, do the gardening or even tidy up the rubbish and remove it. Ask John and Rose and see what they will do, They may even cook you a dinner if you ask, John cooks some mean roast.

So what's the More… well you tell me and I’m sure they will do their best to help you out.
That's what John is like.